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Kiosk, playground and barbecue area

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No matter when and where hunger and thirst have come - now it's time for a break. The kiosk at the entrance to the treetop path provides all guests with small snacks and cold and hot drinks. And the children are delighted by a delicious ice cream as a reward or motivation before the next adventure.

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Show what you can! Climbing, balancing, raging, rocking, sliding. The forest playground is equipped with many interesting elements and offers varied possibilities for playing and moving for our young guests. Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma watch, marvel, laugh and applaud naturally.

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Barbecue area

At the entrance area of the treetop path next to the forest playground you have the opportunity to barbecue.
Visitors can rent a grill (60 cm diameter) for two hours. Firewood and utensils will be provided. Please register in advance.

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